Brightening up a gray, wet Fall day

Not one of my best days. It's damp and cold outside which always equals painful hands and hips at a minimum.  today it's hands, hips, knees, and neck. Despite the yuckiness of the weather and my body, I have a lot of color in my life to be grateful for. Even though my body protested... Continue Reading →

Counting my blessings on Infusion Day

Yesterday was infusion day and I am so thankful for my doctor’s office. They have the absolutely best staff. My doctor has been so wonderful through all of this, very attentive and responsive. Her front office staff consists of two ladies that juggle a constantly ringing phone, sales reps, 2 always double booked doctors and... Continue Reading →

There are stages

If you have ever suffered the loss of a loved one then you know the stages of grief are not linear.  It isn't like you can check off a box and say "Anger, check I got that one out of the way.  Time to start the Bargaining!"  It is more of an ebb and flow,... Continue Reading →

But I like the additives!

Since starting the tour of doctors I've also been doing some research on natural remedies.  There is a whole lot out there that says it will cure all sorts of things and I'm going to use my degree in internet bullshit and say more than 99% of it is well...bullshit. Yesterday I read on a... Continue Reading →

Things are getting real

I believe I said things were moving fast, well we hit light speed after the holidays.  Right now my new normal is this: I'm finishing up the Remicade preloading infusions on May 22nd and will continue with every 8 weeks after that.  It was clear that I needed to start a biologic treatment.  My inflammation... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

I feel as if I have much to be thankful for even though I'm struggling with these new physical issues.  First and foremost I'm so thankful for my family.  I have an amazing husband and 3 wonderful children that put up with me and my moodiness on a daily basis. As odd as it sounds... Continue Reading →

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