Almost a year…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything here.  Truthfully I wasn’t sure I would ever write here again.  2018 was, well another year.  Frankly, I’ve been in a major mood slump because I have settled into the reality that this is my life.  I could whine a bit about the disappointments of a middle-aged retrospective on lost potential but who wants to read that?  not me!

So to summarize my year:

  • I’ve progressed nowhere with yoga. I take classes here and there or do some now and again at home when the mood strikes but I’m uninspired.
  • I did take up tarot card reading which isn’t new to me but I spent more focused time
    learning it which lead to a new found interest in astrology and I’m just now digging into that.  Yes, I’ve become Hippy Dippy but if you want your cards read let me know.
  • The major focus of 2018 for me was my weight.  I want to write a whole other blog post about my weight loss journey so far because that’s its own subject but just know it took up the main focus my life last year and continues to be a focus this year.
  • Healthwise I’m pretty much status quo which sucks big time.  The beginning of last year I was still holding out hope for remission and along the way I’ve given up that hope somewhere and have settled into an uneasy acceptance that this might be as good as it gets and let’s just hope it doesn’t get too much worse too soon.  I’m finding there are more and more little things I can’t do with my hands and that’s depressing so I’m not going to list them.  Just know, Rheumatoid Disease sucks and all of those stupid Humera and Stelara commercials on TV showing people playing sports and riding bikes make me a little stabby.

So I’m back, and in writing this little recap I’m realizing I should have been writing all along because I have a good bit I want to share but it’s all over the place.  Look for a post soon on what’s going on with my weight loss and also a bit about my Hippy Dippy stuff.

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