The Rage! Where oh Where is the Zen?

One could say I’ve always been on the moody side.  In fact, more than one person has said it, my mom, my husband, my siblings, my children, probably many of my co-workers over the years, a handful of internet forum members (you know who you are), you get the picture…

In normal social circumstance, I think I’m pretty good at being even tempered and level headed.  I have never physically engaged in any altercations.  Never shouted profanities at anyone.  YET!

Some of the medications I’m on make me a tad edgy.  Combine that with varying levels of discomfort from day to day, an overall lack of sleep and my normal moodiness and we have the perfect storm.  Put that in a high school auditorium when I have bronchitis and it is best not to sit next to me and incessantly chew candy.

Dear Mr. Necco Candy Wafers,

The auditorium was not full.  There was no need to sit directly next to me.  I don’t even think the seat next to me was the best available, I think they were just the first 4 you and your family found somewhat close to the stage and in the middle so you took them.  You should have come earlier and scouted out your seats if seeing your daughter in the play was that important to you.  My daughter was only part of the backstage crew and I still came early enough to find a decent seat, one that was intentionally next to an empty seat.

If you are going to sit almost on top of another parent Mr. Wafers, please have the courtesy to not loudly chew hard candy wafers, one after another the entire 2-hour show.   You have no idea what sort of restraint it took for me not to take the overcompensating telephoto lens out of your lap and beat you over the head.


Your Angry SeatMate

as a side note: my daughter tells me Mr. Wafer’s daughter is a lovely girl and she is very happy I didn’t bash the dad over the head.  She also thinks I may have been overreacting just a little bit and has requested my family have me sit on the end of a row from now on.  We are going to blame the medication and work on some meditation exercises.

I have actually been reading The Healing Power of the Breath by Richard P Brown and Patricia Gerbarg.

I have used a few of the breathing exercises on the accompanying CD in my Yoga class and found them useful. I will review the book after I’ve finished it but clearly if two days after the fact I’m still thinking about beating a fellow parent at a high school play I need to work on some breathing exercises.  I’ll let you know how the book goes.

2 thoughts on “The Rage! Where oh Where is the Zen?

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  1. A similar string of thoughts go through my mind when someone in yoga class puts their mat 2 INCHES away from mine, when there is plenty of space all over the room. I’ve taken to making not strangling or blowing up at them part of my “practice”. Good luck!


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