It may seem trivial but Shoes are a real concern people!

One of the biggest life changes I’ve had to make over the past year or so has been footwear.  Truthfully my whole wardrobe has taken a hit because of medicine induced weight gain but and an overall need to be as comfortable as possible but the real victims here are my shoes.

I reached a point around last May or June, I don’t remember the day just that it was very traumatic when I had to open up my closet and tell my daughters they could help themselves to anything they wanted with a heel because I would no longer be able to wear them anymore.  This was a major life-altering event for me.  It isn’t that I walked around in stilettos seven days a week, in fact, that was a rare once or twice a year dress up thing.  However, I did love shoes that gave me a bit more height.  Most days I wore two to four-inch platforms, wedges, or chunky heeled shoes.  Even my summertime sandals all had heels.

So I went through a period where I relegated myself to flat grandma shoes.  slightly dressy loafers when I was wearing business casual and sketchers or supportive flipflops the rest of the time.  One of my daughters refers to my Sketchers as my Chinese Grandmother shoes.  I don’t know why Chinese, I am not Chinese I am Filipina, I guess it’s just the embarrassing influences of the sadly undiverse community where we are raising them.  My quarter Filipina, blue-eyed pale girls are considered exotic if that gives you a clue.

Anyway, enough about my racially confused children, back to the real problem at hand – my shoe situation.  I can’t say anything too unkind about my sketcher go-walks.  They may not be the most stylish of footwear but they are certainly comfortable.  On days when my fingers don’t work and my hips feel like someone is driving a spike through them with each step those slip-ons with memory foam footbeds are a godsend.  But they aren’t enough.  I need shoes that don’t scream geriatric (Asian or otherwise)

So I’ve been on a quest with Zappos as my travel companion.  I’ve bought and returned shoe after shoe, boot after boot.  Looking for flat footwear that is fun and cute and comfortable.     I’m still questing and will probably continue, especially as the seasons change but right now here are my current favorites.  IMG_8939

That’s right, I’m going old school.  After trying out various booties, loafers, shearling boots, a misguided diversion into Hunter Rain boots I realized what I wanted were the thick, cushioned soles of Dr. Marten.  I bought a pair of cute Chelsea boots that were close but the cut is a bit narrow and when I’m swelling they aren’t the best.  But the classic oxford in soft Virginia Leather seems to be the trick for when I want something that looks a bit better than the half step up from slippers like the Sketchers.  And yes, I went with red because I was told with great confidence that everyone needs a pair of ruby slippers and I’ve always wanted a pair of red Docs.  It’s all about perspective right?  Instead of focusing on what shoes I can’t wear I’m finding a reason to explore new possibilities and revisit some nostalgic options.  Just learning to be flexible.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this post. One of the things I have found hardest to let go of, are my mid height wedges and “smart” work sandals. I feel taller, slimmer with them and flats have their place, but can look too casual and a problem when one has to attend a business meeting. Flats just won’t cut it. So I have found a huge knock to my confidence which is partly because everyone asks me all the time why I am limping (bad PSA in both knees), and partly because I am slothing around in sandals meant for the weekend. I love the inspirational message in your post and it is comforting to know that I am not alone in how I feel. But it is about finding the RIGHT shoes/sandals and I think I can manage a 2 cm heel so that is what I am going to go on a mission to find. Thanks and good luck with your PSA journey…and keep up the inspirational blog.

    Kelly Durban South Africa


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