The highs and lows of infusion day

Of course there is a 2 hour school delay on my infusion day. 1 day every 6 weeks I need to be somewhere directly after Liam gets on the bus and his bus isn’t coming on time!

Thankfully G was able to make arrangements to cover for me so I wouldn’t miss my much desired engineered mouse cells.

I know it’s weird but I have kind of an odd fascination with the idea of mice cells being able to control my immune system. A friend that works in the Pharmaceutical industry says this is a really cool drug and tried to explain it to me a bit but I get caught up on mice cells blocking my immune system from attacking me and see little Mickey Mouse like cartoons running through my blood Stream with shields.

After the Arctic like weather we have had the past couple of weeks I’m in need of the relief.

I always kind of look forward to infusion day. I sit in a comfortable chair and read a book for a couple of hours. I also allow myself a Starbuck’s treat, which I have given up any other time. It’s hard to resist with a drive thru right across the street from my Rheumatologist’s office.

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