Trying Massage…one more time

Part of the issue with Fibro is that my muscles are extremely tight and I always feel like I just worked out hard.  You know that feeling a day or two after you have exercised in a way your body isn’t used to?  That’s how I always feel but without the benefits of the workout.  I also have muscle spasms all the time, not just in my back but randomly throughout my body.

When this all started last year I tried getting 2 massages.  Both were agony.  One of the LMTs asked me if I was sure I didn’t have Lymes Disease because she had only ever seen one other person respond so badly and that person had Lymes Disease.  Yes, I’ve been tested multiple times, no Lymes just Fibro and Arthritis.

From spring until September I went to 28 PT appointments.  One of the things they did in PT was trying and work out the tension in the muscles in my upper back.  That was as painful as the massages but over time I found the hurt was worth it.  My muscle spasms were almost completely gone.  Now that I’ve been out of PT for a couple of months they are back with a vengeance.

I see my doctor in a couple weeks and will ask about more PT but in the meantime, I tried massage one last time.  And Boy am I glad I did!

I went to a different place, for those local, it is Massage911 in Finksburg.   What a great experience.  Jen, the owner, was awesome.  She really listened to what my issues were and went very slow and gentle until she figured out where my threshold was.  I haven’t felt this unkinked in months.  She even handled my hands perfectly and I hate having people touch my hands.



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