Brightening up a gray, wet Fall day

Not one of my best days. It’s damp and cold outside which always equals painful hands and hips at a minimum.  today it’s hands, hips, knees, and neck.

Despite the yuckiness of the weather and my body, I have a lot of color in my life to be grateful for.

Even though my body protested I forced myself to walk the dogs, one at a time for a bit this morning.  We found out yesterday the dogs are gaining sympathy weight with me so per doctor’s orders (theirs and mine) we need to walk a bit more each day.  img_3454On our walk, I was thinking about how ugly the day was.  I looked around and there was nothing but browns and grays everywhere I looked.  As I had this thought this tiny leaf caught my attention.  It clearly didn’t come off the small evergreen bush it was tangled in.  I looked around and couldn’t figure out where the bright little leaf came from.  So while I was torturing myself out in the cold I found this lovely little defiant leaf that refused to be absorbed into the grayness of the day.

While it might be cold and damp outside, inside I’m warm and cozy.  Two days ago we decided to kick off fire burning season but it was an unsuccessful, smokey start.  During our last chimney cleaning the liner somehow became disconnected from the woodstove box.  Gerald had set everything up for me to get a fire started but the harder I worked to get it burning the more our house filled with smoke. img_3456
Luckily, our chimney sweep company is very responsive and showed up early yesterday morning to get things squared away.  So today I’m warm and cozy in front of this lovely red and yellow blaze.

All in all a good day.  I was able to walk and I was able to get warm after my walk  Best of all I found some pretty color in a day that doesn’t seem very colorful.

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