A sad attempt at poetry

Shakespeare, I’m clearly not.  But I was so moved by reading some work from our current poet laureate, Tracy K. Smith.  She is inspiring and if you have an opportunity pick up one of her books even if you don’t think of yourself as a poetry reader. I didn’t think of myself as a poetry reader until I read a few of hers.  I just finished her Memoir. She is so relatable to me considering we are the same age and both wives and mothers of 3. However her talent and success far outreach mine.

Tracy K. Smith, I’m not either. But here is something I came up with yesterday after church.

A Fall Sunday 

Cold rain, falling leaves, orange, yellow and brown

Church bells ring but no hymns to sing

a band…with drums, guitar and mic play loud

shaking hands, Peace be with you

Joys, concerns, The word of God, Bread, and wine

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers

Not the house of God I knew before

nevertheless, the house of God where I find warmth

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