About my girls, because they asked…

My girls are not your usual teenagers.  Oh sure, they have extremely messy rooms that require hazmat suits to enter.  They can roll their eyes like it is an Olympic sport they have been training for and can express their entire range of emotions by the way they walk (or stomp, or trudge) up the stairs.  Even with these common teenage girl attributes, they are not like your average teenage girl…the most recent example of that is that they want me to write about them!  What teenage girl wants their mother to write a blog about them and their lives?  both of mine do!

I have a lot to brag about where both of them are concerned.  They came to me as a package deal.  Identical girls born more than 6 weeks too soon.  Their personalities are so similar in some ways and so different in others but they both have an effervescence about them that has been commented on by many different people since they were just babies11750118.012703. One friend met them when they were about two years old and said it is like they travel around in a bubble of light and happiness.  I am constantly complimented on how they are so thoughtful and kind.  The absolute best thing to hear as a parent is that your children are good people, that is more important than pretty much anything else in my book.

It’s not that they are the brightest and best students, they are both smart and do well in school but they aren’t the top of their class.  School work doesn’t just come easily to them they work for it, and like other kids sometimes one or the other will get distracted or bored or overwhelmed and they will stop working for a time and their grades will reflect that.  It doesn’t take much to remind them of priorities and they are back on task refocused and doing what they need to do.  Their teachers always love them and I hear grade after grade that they are good examples and good leaders. 19059766_10213042287189727_6244511262205910360_n

It’s not that they are crazy good at sports.  In fact, they both probably have the ability to be athletic but neither has much interest.  Their brief stint at soccer included chasing butterflies, holding hands while running down the field.  It only went on as long as it did (2 years) because of the snacks.  Those soccer moms know how to pack an appealing post-game snack!

They are both very talented in their own right.  My Drama Girl has what has been described as “a face for the stage” It’s not so much her looks, although she is beautiful, it’s her stage presence and expressiveness that make her a natural thespian.   13268377_10209358092007150_2838555294503208134_oShe has the intangible IT quality that draws the attention of audiences with even the slightest of gesture or facial expression.  15002301_10210954743242433_8586761044383902733_oShe takes her craft very seriously, it’s not just an extracurricular activity for her.  She studies and practices and rehearses even when she isn’t in a show.  We joke about her obsession with mirrors but it’s true if there is a reflection to be found she is using it. I like to think she is not like Narcissus from Greek mythology but more that she is always playing with her facial movements and watching her own expressions to gauge what she should be doing for a scene.  To be honest, she is probably also fixing her hair sometimes too, she is 15.


My Music Girl is an exceptional musician.  When she was 7 years old she begged me for violin lessons.  I remember my mother telling me about my sister taking violin lessons and how horrible the sound was.  I kept putting her off hoping she would lose interest.  The summer before she started third grade I finally gave in expecting her to find it too hard.  After all, my twins were premies with fine motor skill delays that kept them in OT forever.  12621947_10208258244991662_2526438970169579561_oTo me, the violin seemed like a nightmare for someone who struggled to hold a pen or use scissors.  Well, Music Girl still holds her pen and a fork weird but she can play the violin like I would have never believed possible.  She moves me to tears sometimes when she plays because she has so much emotion in her music. 17309963_10212222664019660_7780898652152666099_o Even when she was very young and just learning her private teacher was often amazed at her exceptional ear and the way she just seemed to understand how music worked. Musical theory concepts just make sense to her.  Now her private teacher says she interprets and plays pieces that many of his college students are not prepared for.

Saying all of that, while they excel in their areas of interest that doesn’t make them so unique.  There are other very talented kids out there that are as good or better than my girls.  They each have friends that work just as hard and are just as dedicated to their arts.  They compete against kids that sing, dance, act and play better then they do.  What makes them unique is the essence of who they are.

What makes them unique is their humbleness in what they do.  They both recognize when others are better then they are and they admire it and try to learn from it rather than get defensive about it.  Drama Girl is as happy to get a chorus part as she is to get a lead18198343_10212646561096822_8047802117585751007_n.  When she doesn’t get a part at all she is disappointed but accepts it as a learning experience and is thankful for the chance to audition.  Music Girl seeks out better talent to learn from and play with.  She was rejected from a particular orchestra four times and looks at that as preparation for her audition and acceptance to the orchestra she ultimately ended up joining as a principal player.18319276_10212725935081122_2683049248694603355_o

There is so much more to both of them as individuals and as twins that I could go on forever and ever.  But they asked me to write about them and this is what came to mind.  How exceptional they are in the things that they love and how proud it makes me seeing them find such passion so young while they grow and mature. I don’t just love them because they are my children but that I like and enjoy being around the people they are.

Through everything that I have been through this past year.  I can’t imagine going through it without the help of my amazing girls.  They have jumped in to do the things I can’t.  They help with their brother and around the house.  I hate that sometimes my health gets in the way of things they want to do and they have added responsibility that other kids their age don’t carry.  They are a true blessing to me and handle life with a great deal of poise and grace and very little teen girl angst.

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