I said Yes…and we lived happily ever after

It was brought to my attention that we just passed the 22nd anniversary of our engagement.  Our 20th wedding anniversary is looming next spring.  I was moved to write about our engagement because I have an awesome proposal story.  In truth, I have a fairytale courtship story all the way through but he outdid himself with the proposal.

A Little background, During conversations early on we were talking about weddings in general, I think it came up because a friend was getting married.  I mentioned that I always wanted a fall wedding and thought it would be great to get married on my Grandmother’s birthday.  fast forward a year or so and we start talking about getting married more specifically, meaning the two of us and my grandmother’s birthday comes up again, however, I’m in law school at this point and I bring up that I would have to wait 4 years before we got married if I wanted a fall wedding.

October 17, 1995 (Grandmother’s birthday)

Around 4:00 am I woke up very congested and I took some cold medicine and went back to bed thinking that I would let myself sleep in and go to work later.  I was working full-time and going to law school at night so I was chronically tired.  At 7:00 my phone rang.  This was normal, G worked at the airport and went in at some ungodly hour and he would always call to say good morning and wake me up.  We didn’t see each other all that much during the week because of my busy schedule and he was working two jobs.  So we made a point of touching base on the phone a few times a day.  This was pre-cell phones and text messages so they were scheduled calls.

When he called I was really groggy from the cold medicine.  He said something about playing a game and told me to check my car when I go out to walk the dog.  I thought seriously about going back to sleep but the phone woke the dog and he was giving me sad eyes.  So out the imagedoor I go.  I glance in my car expecting a sweet gift or note and sure enough, there is an envelope on the seat.   The envelope contained one of those black and white pictures of little kids dressed in grown up, old fashion clothes with some color accents.

inside the card, he wrote a sweet message about how wonderful it has been being together and reminisced about first meeting and all of the places that have been important to us.  He directs me to my mom’s house, which is where I lived when we first met.

I walked the dog and cleared my head a bit.  I figured this was it, he was going to propose.  Not such a shock, we had been talking about getting married but I hadn’t yet put together the significance of the date.  I also didn’t quite get that there was a time-sensitive nature to this game we were playing.  When he called me I assumed he was at work.  He still had half a shift at the airport and then his other job to do and I had work and school.  I just assumed we would wind up together that evening where he would pop the question.

I went back to my apartment, took a shower and got ready for work.  I was still kind of groggy because when I got to my mom’s house the key didn’t work.  It took me a couple of tries before I realized I was at the wrong door.  That should give you an idea of where my head was at.

In my mom’s living room was another card.  It was more mushy stuff about how much I mean to him and how we were meant to be together.  It referenced the hotel where I worked when we first met.  Yes, I like to tell people I met my husband in a hotel and that’s a whole other story I might tell another time.

This is the hotel, it has been bought by HOliday Inn since then but it still looks the same


I figured I was already planning to be late for work so I would go to the hotel.  At this point, I thought maybe he would be there after all it was near the airport where I still thought he was at work.

At the hotel, one of my old co-worker, Georgianna, was waiting for me at the front desk.  She handed me another card.  In the card was a room key to the room where he stayed when we first really met.  I asked Georgianna if he was up in the room and she just said “I can’t tell you anything.  I’m just supposed to give you the card”

I was starting to get anxious about getting to work so went up to the room.  The room was empty but there was another card on the dresser.

Not the actual room

This one was vaguer then the others had been.  The wording suggested I was to go to the Double T Diner which was the location of our first date, where we sat all night and talked before he went back to Colorado.  But it was a bit vague and I didn’t want to take off on a wild goose chase.  He was at the airport so maybe I was supposed to go there.  I also couldn’t forget about work!


I went back to the lobby and tried to get some information out of Georgianna.  She wouldn’t say anything and refused to let me use the phone.  I wanted to call him at work but she said he told her I was to get the card and go, that is all.

I went out to my car and sat there for a moment trying to decide if I should go to the diner now or go to work first and then swing by the diner before I head to school to pick up the other card.  I assumed there would be more cards throughout the day.

I decided to go to the Double T Dinerdiner_catonsville, get the card there and then head to work.  If the card sent me somewhere else it would have to wait until after work.

When I walked into the diner it was pretty crowded and there were a couple of people waiting at the register by the door to pay.  I stood in line waiting my turn to ask if there was a card for me.  As I waited something caught my eye in the mirror behind the register, balloons.  I turned around to see balloons and a dozen red roses on a table and G standing next to the table smiling at me.

I started to cry as I walked over to him.  He got down on one knee and said something but I couldn’t hear him because I was crying so hard and all of the old people crowding the diner from the breakfast crowd were talking loudly.  Finally, it dawned on me they weren’t talking loudly they were all yelling “Say Yes!!!”  So I did.

I pulled him up and he kissed and hugged me and put the ring on my finger.  Then he told me to sit down and order something because he had been taking up that table for a long time.

We ordered breakfast and all of the old people who had been waiting for me to arrive started to come over to congratulate us.  I heard several of them say they were so glad I showed up because they had been waiting and waiting hoping he wasn’t going to get stood up.

Two and a half years later we said I do.  I would add a picture of us from our wedding day but I can’t find out wedding album Oops!





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