Counting my blessings on Infusion Day

Yesterday was infusion day and I am so thankful for my doctor’s office. They have the absolutely best staff. My doctor has been so wonderful through all of this, very attentive and responsive. Her front office staff consists of two ladies that juggle a constantly ringing phone, sales reps, 2 always double booked doctors and an infusion center that is always full. They are always pleasant and helpful when you walk in the door and bend over backwards to keep it all moving on time. I’ve never waited long for anything in that office even when I know they are squeezing me in where they don’t have an open appointment. The two ladies in the infusion center are the absolute best. They keep things light and upbeat while always creating a calming and relaxing environment.

I was talking to the doctor and didn’t even realize the nurse had the IV in my arm already, they are that good. They make the unpleasant and somewhat boring situation as comfortable as possible but it’s still a long couple of hours. I try to bring stuff to do, a book to read or something but this time I couldn’t focus on anything because of the horrific headache I woke up with and couldn’t shake.

I drift off from time to time sitting there looking at the beach pictures and listening to the music they have playing.

I came home and napped on and off the rest of the day. It took me three re-starts to get through an episode of Call The MidWife because I kept falling asleep through it.

My daughter informed me before she was headed to bed that she has been reading my blog and I need to be more upbeat and specifically talk more about her. I promised her a happy post when I felt like I could stay awake long enough to write one. One of the things that hit me while I was thinking about that was that yesterday marked the 22nd anniversary of the day G proposed. It’s a great story and I’m writing it out but it might take a bit. The biggest blessing of all is my family and beyond that, I have a fantastic network of friends and support.

I’m going to try to finish two more posts this week, the first I’ve started and it’s my proposal story, again it’s awesome! And the second will be about my daughters because I was asked and I really do have fantastic daughters.

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