Juice Fast – I made it 39 hours!

If you know me even a little bit you know I eat like an unsupervised adolescent. I’m addicted to sugar and have a love affair with bread. Until the big 4 0 my metabolism and fairly active lifestyle allowed for this. Sadly, I found they weren’t lying when they said it all goes downhill after 40.

I suspect a good bit of my lifestyle change from active to sedentary is due to my then undiagnosed systemic arthritis. Every time I would try to be consistent with running or cycling I would end up with significant injuries. Now I know I was dealing with inflammation because my body was attacking my joints and connective tissue. But I continued to eat as if I had the same active lifestyle. In fact, I was eating worse because the kids were busier and I was working more so there was a lot more fast food, snacks because of missed meals and late night eating.

I put on a bit of weight between the ages of 40-42 but it was manageable. I still wasn’t really that overweight but if asked I would have said I would like to lose about 10-15 pounds. Unfortunately, two things happened after that time. I took a job that had me working behind a desk for many many hours and my body was really trying to tell me something was wrong but I was ignoring it.

During the past 3 years, I have managed to put on an additional 40 pounds. The stress, long work hours, extreme fatigue, and overall body pain combined with the plethora of medication I’ve been taking this past year has really paid a toll.

I’ve tried elimination diets, cutting out sugar and carbs as well as anything and everything that is good. That was impossible for me to maintain. I’ve also tried vegetarianism which I like and can easily maintain but it isn’t making a dent in either my inflammation or my weight issue. This week I’m trying something more extreme but less of a commitment. I’m going to try juice fasting but not for extended periods of time.

I’m kind of combining the idea of intermittent fasting with juicing to see how it works out.  I read this book

I’ve also mentioned before that I watched the documentaries Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead parts 1 & 2. So it made sense to me to combine the idea of intermittent fasting with juice fasting to see if I can work on my weight issues and maybe calm my body’s overactive immune system down.  That should cut my caloric intake and help with staying away from the things that I know trigger inflammation such as red meat, high amounts of sugar and nightshades.

I sat out to do a 3-day juice fast and then move into an intermittent cycle of 18-24 hours.  I realized last night I wouldn’t make it 3 days but I did make it 39 hours. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I started off by making a big pitcher of green juice.  I used the following:




2 apples

1 pear

I drank nothing but my green juice, water, and herbal tea.  During the day it was very easy.  I didn’t feel hungry or have the urge to eat until the kids got home and started eating.  I struggled a little bit in the evening with the urge to snack but mostly just because that is my habit.

I went to bed early, around 9:30 and woke with a headache.  I drank some water and then some tea.  By this morning I knew I was going to break my fast but I didn’t know when.  The morning rolled by and I had some my juice but decided to go a bit longer before eating.

Finally, at lunchtime, I was getting a pretty bad headache so I went ahead and ate.  I would like to say that it was wonderful to eat again but really it wasn’t all that exciting.  I just had tuna on lettuce and I did eat a small bag of chips with it.

I decided I would allow myself to eat until 6:00 and then I’m going to start another round of juice fasting and see if I can do 18 hours which will take me back to lunchtime tomorrow.  I have a doctor’s appointment at 11:30 so it might be a bit later than 12:00 before I have lunch.

Overall my body didn’t feel that great because it has been as humid as hades out and we had a lot of rain yesterday. I did some yoga to stretch out and work on some mobility in my joints and otherwise just combating the fatigue.

If I can find a way to break my sugar addiction without making life meaningless I think I will be good. I know my joints would appreciate a lighter me so even if this doesn’t help with the inflammation it might help by making my body less difficult to carry around.

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