When your body hates you

When another person in your life doesn’t like you it’s easy enough to create distance but when your own body keeps putting kick me signs on your back what do you do?

The good news is that my treatment, for all of its ineffectiveness, pretty much stays the same.  The bad news is I’ve collected another label.  Dr. N. informed me on Thursday that she is adding the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis after completing more blood work.

At least more people have heard about this one so I don’t have to explain it so much.  It’s also convenient that the treatment plan is virtually the same as what we are doing for PsA.

My doctor and I had a long conversation about my level of activity, fatigue and all over inflammation.  She made some adjustments to my meds and talked me into letting her give me a shot in my ass.

After a horrific experience of getting a steroid injection in my knee that didn’t work and also IV steroids which my body hated more then it hates me I am very cautious about steroids.  The shot in my SI joint wasn’t as painful as in my knee and I didn’t have a bad reaction.  It did lessen the pain but it didn’t completely get rid of it.  It’s just dulled to a low roar on my left side.



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