But I like the additives!

Since starting the tour of doctors I’ve also been doing some research on natural remedies.  There is a whole lot out there that says it will cure all sorts of things and I’m going to use my degree in internet bullshit and say more than 99% of it is well…bullshit.

Yesterday I read on a facebook group that if I eat seaweed and only seaweed for two weeks my fibromyalgia will be cured.  The Poster was sticking by her claim too.  over 300 responses, mostly calling foul were all responded to by the Original Poster with short answers such as “why do you not want to be healthy?”  “I was cured, my Chinese doctor diagnosed and cured me” and so on.

This is in no way a dig on seaweed or Chinese medicine.  I believe in both I just don’t believe that 2 weeks of eating nothing but seaweed can cure a disorder that nobody has yet even identified the cause.   Will diet help? Oh yeah, that I believe in, but not enough to commit to yet.

During a bad flare this summer I became engrossed all of the plant-based diet documentaries on Netflix.  I had already binge-watched everything else so why not.  Dr. N had dismissed a dietary cure for my systemic arthritis.  I tend to agree with her because she is a doctor and she clearly reads all of the latest research. (That isn’t sarcasm that is me acknowledging that she seems very up to date because I’ve been reading it too and she always knows more about it than me, go figure…she’s a doctor)

However, she has agreed that eating better and ultimately losing weight will make me feel better.  It won’t stop the progression of the disease or magically turn my immune system into the stuff of dreams but it will make me feel better.

Dr. R, My neurologist pretty much said the same thing and said my migraines, while most likely fibro driven might lesson or be less frequent with dietary changes because studies have shown that certain food sensitivities cause migraines.

So back to my research.  Dr. R suggested I try an elimination diet.  She recommended the popular Whole 30 In theory a great idea.  In practice not so much.  I made it about 20 days and then gave up.  it wanted me to eat a whole lot of food I’m not into, like meat and because I already know I’m sensitive to nightshades it minimized the vegetables I was allowed.  I had to completely give up legumes, Hello I don’t like meat so I eat legumes.  Plus I have to be honest. I like processed foods.  I’m pretty sure I have a sugar addiction and bread is probably my best friend. images

I know white things are bad for me.  Sugar and flour are satan and should be avoided.  But what’s the point of living otherwise (says the woman that has gained 35 pounds in 2 years)

I moved onto the idea of a plant-based diet.  This I could get on board with because meat is not my best friend, in fact, I have to not think about it when I eat it and I can’t eat it if I touch it raw which means I rarely eat meat I prepare at home for my family anyway.

I still have my sugar and flour issues but I think I can work on this.  So my research takes me back to the best resource of modern times: netflix_web_logo.png


There are tons of documentaries on Netflix and I won’t go into them individually but just know a week long flare stuck on the sofa resulted in the purchase of this:

Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold


I believe in moderation so no 45 day juice fast for me but I think the idea of getting more nutrients from veggies and fruits have to be helpful.  I’ve also made a point of keep fruit out on the table.  The hope is I’ll reach for that before the bad boxed stuff in the cabinets. It worked at first but after time the fruit because part of the scenery and the bad stuff in boxes called to me.

I can say, while not consistent or extreme, I do tend to feel a bit better on days I eat cleaner.  More green veggies in juice or salads, nuts, beans, whole grains and fruit instead of junk food.  It hasn’t stopped my flares but my digestive process has much improved and I think overall I just feel lighter and less bloated.  Weight hasn’t changed for the better.  I’m actually up a few pounds.  I’m blaming all of the meds for now but it’s something I need to deal with.

I still love the processed foods though.  It’s a hard habit to break.  But I’m a work in progress and if I can make one or two good choices throughout the day that I would have not made the day before it’s a win.

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