a Flair and a mile stone

Yesterday my SI joints started giving me fits. By this morning I could barely roll out of bed. I called out of work and spent the entire morning doing the very minimum I needed to do to help the kids get off to school.

After they were gone it took another 2 hours just to get myself showered. The steps are my biggest obstacle. I see a rancher style house in my future.

I found out a YMCA about 25 miles away had an Aqua Arthritis class so I figured I could turn not he seat warmers in the car and make my way over there to get in their warm pool which I was assured was kept at 89 degrees.

I made it there with a good deal of pain and when I pulled into the parking lot I realized I wasn’t going to be able to walk to the building. I hit a milestone I promised myself I wouldn’t hit for a long time.

IMG_5048  I almost cried.  I really didn’t want to go there yet but I didn’t see another way.

The pool was warm but not as warm as the pool at the PT office.  I did some of the exercises they give me at PT while I waited for the class to start and then I joined in the class. There were several nice older ladies, I was by far the youngest one there.

I wish it wasn’t so far away and only given during the day, I would go more often.

Now I’m back home on the heating pad and not feeling any better.  I don’t know how beneficial it was to go there but at least I tried.  They say to keep moving so I moved as much as I could.

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