Physical Therapy in the Pool

I started PT today and they put me in the pool. It was just 30 minutes of some very simple core stability exercises, very underwhelming. The biggest concern about all of this was what to wear!

I did not want to wear a regular swimming suit. For some reason it just felt weird because I could possibly run into people I work with or clients, the PT office is a popular place. So I started a quest for appropriate water wear.

My first stop was REI. I happened to be near one last week and ran in with the intent to buy board shorts. Picked up some simple black, longish board shorts and a water shirt. Sadly the board shorts were too small so they had to go back. Ordered another pair from Zappos and ordered the wrong size, they have to go back too. Settled on some spandex running shorts I already have and the blue water shirt and it did the job. Still feels weird though.

I’m thinking about joining the YMCA to use their pool. You would think the YMCA would be less expensive than a private health club but oddly it is more. It just happens to be the closest club with a pool to my house.

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