a Flair and a mile stone

Yesterday my SI joints started giving me fits. By this morning I could barely roll out of bed. I called out of work and spent the entire morning doing the very minimum I needed to do to help the kids get off to school. After they were gone it took another 2 hours just to... Continue Reading →

Physical Therapy in the Pool

I started PT today and they put me in the pool. It was just 30 minutes of some very simple core stability exercises, very underwhelming. The biggest concern about all of this was what to wear! I did not want to wear a regular swimming suit. For some reason it just felt weird because I... Continue Reading →

Things are getting real

I believe I said things were moving fast, well we hit light speed after the holidays.  Right now my new normal is this: I'm finishing up the Remicade preloading infusions on May 22nd and will continue with every 8 weeks after that.  It was clear that I needed to start a biologic treatment.  My inflammation... Continue Reading →

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