I’m a big ball of stress tonight. I think I have been pretty successful the entire long weekend putting the neurosurgeon appointment out of my mind. I went about life as normal and even had some fun and felt pretty good doing it.

But here it is, the night before my return to work which is a huge cause of stress compiled with the looming appointment with the neurosurgeon where I know I won’t get any answers but I’m still apprehensive. In all likelihood I will just be sent on my way to get another MRI and the suspense will be drug out.

I’ve read a lot about Tarlov Cysts those moments when I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it. It doesn’t sound fatal but it does sound like it could be another long road of pain management.

My greater concern is that the doctor I am seeing tomorrow was voted the best neurosurgeon in Baltimore her ratings online leave a little to be concerned over. There were a handful of complaints that she didn’t do what was promised or that she didn’t provide the best, most up to date treatments.

Of course, before I let anyone do anything to my spine I’m going to get a second opinion. In fact, I should probably be lining up another appointment before I even see her.

It also bothers me that there are only 2 doctors in the United States that are recommended to perform surgery on these cysts if needed. The closest one and the one that seems the most set up for out of area patients is in Dallas.

Of course, this is all speculation based on my google findings and I think it is a well known fact hat Google does not hold a medical degree or always have the most up to date information. I keep telling myself to be patient and talk to the doctor. But it is so hard.

On the flexibility front I have completely dropped the ball on yoga. I’m focusing on getting more steps in right now. I want to up my activity throughout the day to see if that will help with both my stiffness, inflammation and also weight gain.

I’m a washout where the anti-inflammatory diet is concerned. I just can’t commit myself to that right now. It would probably be more pressing if I was having a bad reaction to the medications I’m on and was motivated to get off of them but so far, no side effects.

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