Happy Thanksgiving

I feel as if I have much to be thankful for even though I’m struggling with these new physical issues.  First and foremost I’m so thankful for my family.  I have an amazing husband and 3 wonderful children that put up with me and my moodiness on a daily basis.

As odd as it sounds I’m thankful for my health.  It isn’t great right now but it could be a whole lot worse.  I read personal accounts of people with psoriatic arthritis and I realize I’m in a pretty good place and catching it early so I should be able to manage it.  I need to take charge of my body though and start making healthier decisions.  I’ve given myself this weekend to indulge in the foods I love and getting rest.  But changes are in the works and I need to be committed.

Yesterday I cooked for about seven hours.  By bedtime I was having a hard time moving around my right hip/SI joint was on fire.  I slept well and feel better today but my hands are swelling again.  Of course, it is rainy and damp out too so that is probably not helping.

I’m paying particular attention to which side of my body hurt more.  The MRI last week revealed something on my sacrum.  It appears as if there is something compressing a nerve at S2.  The Rheumatologist has referred me to a neurosurgeon who I will be seeing on Monday.  I am sure she is just going to send me for another MRI with contrast and we will go from there.  I’m trying not to worry about it.  Also trying not to google too much but you know how it is.

Today is all about rest and enjoying my time with my family and good food.  The girls have been an amazing help, doing a lot of the cleaning up and helping with the pies.  I’m sad that we aren’t having anyone over but I’m happy about that too.  It makes the day so much less stressful.

I wish my brother well as he celebrates with his wife’s family in Indiana.  I wish things were better between my sister and me but I know she is who she is and I can’t let myself get drawn into her emotional roller coaster.  Hopefully, she will get over whatever it is that is making her avoid me and we will have a relationship again soon.

I miss my mom.  I want to talk to my mom about these health issues more than anyone.  She is the one completely sympathetic ear I have ever had about anything and she would care more than anyone else.  My husband is caring and supportive but he doesn’t know how to just let me process and deal without voicing his uneducated medical opinion.  It’s very frustrating at times and I feel as if he is always being sarcastic and derisive when talking about my health even though I know he doesn’t mean to be that way.

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